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We believe in brands. We create brand concept.

A summary about us.

Momuu is a branding and brand concept agency. We are dedicated to creating brands, branding and web concepts combining:

  • Business and brand consulting
  • Design
  • Web development
  • CGI and Motion Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Photography

We are currently physically located in New York, although we continue to actively work with new and existing clients in Spain, the US and Canada.

We consider all types of projects but we prefer those which allow us to create global interpretations of your brand.

We love creativity. We are loyal to our clients and that means that we care a lot, that we appreciate them and that we want to bring them results. And we love sales people.

For us, branding is the synthesis of a business idea which takes the form of an image. It’s a way of communicating and expressing oneself. For us, branding is a way of marketing. We are business people.

We collaborate with freelancers and other agencies both here and elsewhere. The important thing is to create powerful, attractive and useful concepts for our clients. And sometimes we are creative directors for other projects.

And we care a lot about people and what they really want to do.

Unbox your brand